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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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of a normal energetic kinder garner. bret and his family want to thank search for thoughts, prayers and kind words. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream from washington where we remain proud and fearless. >> harris: this is a fox report. tonight, grab your blackberry. it's in meltdown mode. the company has suffered a huge loss today. and we have just moved a step closer to a possible government shutdown. >> we victory today for the american people. >> it is a blatant act of hostage taking. >> harris: with 10 days to go. until the government comes to a grinding halt. also --
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[sirens] >> harris: the same company did the background check on the navy yard gunman and nsa leaker edward snowden. obviously an epic failure and breakdown. >> harris: now we are learning how many people that firm vets for the feds. >> and,. [cheers] >> choppers camp out for days to get their hands on the new iphone. [cheers] >> i have been standing here since monday for almost 22 hours. we are so excited. >> harris: but many of them may have to wait even longer. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. president obama claims house republicans are holding the entire nation hostage. g.o.p. leaders insist the american people are on their side. today, the house voted to keep the government from shutting down 10 days from now. but only if the feds also cut funding for the
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president's healthcare overhaul. >> we had a victory today for the american people. and frankly we also had a victory for common sense. the house has listened to the american people. now, it's time for the united states senate to listen to them as well. the affordable care act has been in the law for three and a half years it passed both houses of congress, the supreme court, ruled it constitutional. it was an issue in last year's election. the guy who was running against me said he was going to repeal it. we won. the voters were pretty clear on this. >> harris: the white house says president obama will veto the bill. senate democrats say it will never see his desk. however, some senate republicans are putting up a fight talent a filibuster. carl cameron live for us with the news on capitol hill. karl, where do things stand now? >> well, things went pretty much as predicted today in the house. the republican majority passed its bill to keep the government open at the end of the month but also defund obama care on 230 to
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189. democrats in the senate are against it. they share virtually house who sentiments with were against it today. this is nancy pelosi, watch. >> what is brought to the floor today is without a doubt is, without a doubt a measure designed to shut down government. >> so now that measure moves to the senate where the battle will begin on monday. and democrats insist they have enough votes to strip out the defunding of obama care provision from the measure, block republican filibuster and that they can make this stop. so they argue that all of this was for not, harris. >> so what happens then? >> well, you have two bills that don't match. the senate will play ping-pong with the house and presumably send back their clean bill to keep the government open, devoid of any other amendments. send it back to the house. the house will have some time, perhaps, to make a change and send it back to the senate. it can't do that forever. if they don't come up with a deal between the house and senate to keep the
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government open and defund obama care or not then the government will shut down 10 kays from now at midnight. harris? >> i should tell that you ted cruise is one of the leaders of the republican opposition. and is he threatening to filibuster. he talked about it today on the ciewftd report. watch. >> rest assured that i will use any and all procedural means we have in front of us. now it is up to the senate to step forward and do the same thing the house has done. >> and, if that were to happen, it would be a government shutdown but the democratic majorities against this. they said time and time it is not going to happen. we wait another 10 days and wait for last minute standoff moves to it avert the government shutdown if it's possible at all, harris. dispr with obama care at the center of it all. carl cameron thank you very much. now to wall street where blackberry shares were halted today on 00 nasdaq stock exchange following a grim announcement from the company. the struggling phone maker says it's planning to let go up to 40% of workforce by the end of the year. that's about 4500
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employees. also, it warned shareholders when it officially reporting earnings next week it may only make only half of the revenue it was expecting. and worse, blackberry will post a second quarter loss of nearly $1 billion. no surprise, shares plummeted 17% following the news today. and we saw $1 billion wiped away from the company's value. fox business network's jolene kent has the news. she is live in our new york city newsroom. >> blackberry has been teetering on the edge for quite some time now they have considered a sale. the sooner they get out the bad news the better things could be potentially down the road for the embattled smart phone maker. perhaps the earnings come in slightly better than these awful protection projections. stock could recover a bit. another note blackberry is having these troubles because it just can't sell its new phones anymore. they can't compete. inventory is piling up. so it's down sizing its selection of smart phones from six, which is meager already to four. and it's giving up on the consumer market entirely.
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they plan to focus on big companies. and business users. they are just slashing costs to survive. harris. >> well, a tough day for blackberry. and really almost adding insult to injury. joe apple made a splash today with thousands of people lining up for day one the latest iphone. how did they do? >> they did very well. and the fact that wall street was completely unimpressed by the unveiling of the two iphones two weeks ago fans still went crazy across the country. buyers camped out overnight. they lined up. some saying they had been there for days. in california, people waiting were surprised by ceo tim cook swinging by. he said sales are going great. especially in japan. and the most popular phone seems to be the gold iphone 5 s just after a few hours. the apple web site said it was sold out of them delaying orders to october. now, experts expect 6 to 6 and a half million iphones total to be sold this weekend. the most ever. and taking a look at last year, apple sold about
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5 million iphone 5 s's during opening weekend. this is good news but two different phones could be cannibalizing sales. we will keep an eye on it, harris. >> harris: jo, apparently mobile devices are worth fighting for. thank you very much. police in california arrested two men early this morning after a fight broke out in one of those apple store lines. it happened in pasadena. we're told later, two women fought it out on the ground as their boyfriends faced off in angry confrontations as well. meanwhile in houston, police say two young men were robbed while standing in line outside of an at&t store. they say two suspects approached the men, held them at gunpoint and wanted their iphones, tablets, and wallets. they got away. investigators say they will review surveillance video to try to identify the suspects. well, we have learned one company, one single company ran the background checks on both the accused navy yard gunman and the ssa leaker edward snowden. now the feds plan to vet
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the vetters. that's ahead. also, was the school bus driver actually texting? looks like he is texting behind the wheel. or she. more of that video and what that district is going to do about the driver. stay close. ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla.
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serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. flpen® is insulin delivery my way. covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. ask your health care provider about levemir® flexpen today. >> harris: epic failure, that's what one expert is saying about the background checks on the washington navy yard suspected gunman and the nsa leaker edward snowden. both of them government contractors. and the same company conducted both background checks on those men. in fact, the company, usis is also a government contractor. it's facing a criminal investigation in the snowden case and today on "studio b," a former fbi agent said the feds pay the firm per investigation. so staffers may have cut corners to get more business. >> obviously, things were
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missed here, fell through the cracks. too much quantity, not enough quality. usis says we are >> catherine herrige live in our d.c. newsroom. catherine? >> well, thank you, harris. let today senate homeland security issuing this advisory that the committee will be holding a hearg in the immediate future to investigate how the government conducts security clearance reviews and whether contracting as a process is making it less secure, quote: we also need to examine what the oversight process is. once an individual obtains a security clearance. we want to make certain that agencies have access to the right information, and are asking the right questions, and getting the right answers. and based on statements this week, the clearance issue is bipartisan. missouri democratic senator claire mccaskill wants to
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know how people like aaron alexis who was arrested on gun charges in 2004 and 2010 and for disorderly conduct in 2009 are able to get and keep security clearances. she wants answers from the office of personal management, also known as opm, which oversees federal background checks. mccaskill asked for records backing up the navy shooter's approval and renewals specifically whether his arrests showed up. we do know that u.s. investigation services or usis, a private company based in virginia, which does about 45% of the government's become ground checks, did the one for the navy yard shooter in 2007. then passed on the results to office of personnel management. opm says, quote: opm's involvement with matters related to aaron alexis' security clearance ended when we submitted the case to the department of defense for adjudication in december of 2007. dod did not ask opm for any additional investigative actions after it received the completed background
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investigation. the bottom line here is that the clearance process is designed to kick out of the system individuals who are at risk for disclosing classified information, such as those with heavy debt who are vulnerable to extortion and bribery. the clearance system is not designed to flag individuals with mental health problems, harris. >> harris: catherine herridge teaching us about how that whole thing works. we appreciate it president obama is set to meet with families of the victims of the navy yard massacre. the white house says the president and first lady will attend a memorial service on sunday at a marine barracks near the navy yard. the base reopened yesterday as we reported to you last night for normal operations except for the building where the rampage happened. and, a school dislicket in tampa florida area, has benched a bus driver after a student caught her apparently texting behind the wheel. the 14-year-old girl captured it on her cell phone as you can see. the driver there, one hand on the wheel, the other hand on the mobile phone, we can't be exactly sure what she is doing.
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the girl says the driver was sending a text message while steering the bus. the school district bans this sort of thing if it's in fact happening. officials say the woman is off duty until they investigate. next week a new law will go into effect banning everybody in florida from texting and driving. i don't know if you know this the u.s. on or abouted constitution day. maybe some americans didn't know. certainly not on this college campus. where one student's attempt to celebrate silent by a police officer. and forget about sharknado. how about a hurricane that washed up a real live croc. could that be krocnado. could that be a sequel. a hot spot for american tourists. where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card.
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>> harris: a pair of powerful storms has killed dozens of people in mexico. and left several cities in absolute shambles. hurricane ingrid made landfall on the gulf coast earlier this week. just as tropical storm manuel was coming ashore on the pacific coast. manuel has since made a second landfall farther north at hurricane strength. the southwest coast now though is taking the brunt of this. heavy flooding around the resort acapulco. crocodile washed into the street overflowing lagoon. locals manufactured to capture it with a rope. a landslide buried half of one village and killed 15 people. and crews are still searching for a police helicopter that went missing during relief operations. more than 90 people have died in the storms and flooding across mexico.
4:20 pm
the constitution guarantees the right to free speech. but at one junior college in california, maybe not so much. our trace gallagher has the story. is he live for us in los angeles. trace? >> and the students' name we are talking about here, harris, is robert van -- he knew as soon as he started handing out copies of the constitution he would be chased off campus. he wanted to document how difficult it is for students to it express their free speech right at modesto junior college. he began videotaping. as soon as he began handing out the constitution. a campus police officer confronted him. watch. >> i will tell that you there is a process that you have to go through in order to do. >> why is there a process for my free speech. >> you are a student at the college. >> but it's a public school on public ground. >> i'm not here to have an argument. i'm here to tell you -- >> -- i'm trying to get the facts from you sir and you are proving my point. >> we can go right inside this office and they can explain it to you further. >> so they go into the
4:21 pm
administration office where a woman gets out a rule book and explains there is a designated free speech area. unfortunately, the area is all booked up. in other words, to speak freely, at modesto junior college, you have to make a reservation. listen to her. >> so i can't engage in own with my fellow students? >> you can be on campus, just to let you know, i have two people on campus right now. so you have to wait until either the 20th or 27th. or you can go into october. >> trace: the foundation for individual rights and education or fire saw the tape. they were outraged but they were not surprised. listen. >> this is pretty much par for the course for free speech zones to be told that you can only pass out your literature or talk to people in that zone. and that maybe you have to come back next week or next month. students across the country deal with this all the time. >> now, we just talked to
4:22 pm
the school a short time ago. they say this whole thing was a big misunderstanding and you can express yourself anywhere on campus. the issue this statement saying, quote, in the case of the youtube video it, did not appear that the student was disrupting the orderly operation the college. therefore, we are now looking into the matter. at the end of it, it appears modesto junior college has apparently had a change of heart over this situation. harris? >> trace gallagher. thank you very much. the jury in the hiccup girl murder trial heard some potentially incriminating new evidence today in court. you may recall 22-year-old jennifer me gained national fame in 2007 thanks to a bad case of the hiccups which lasted for months. now she is charged in the 2010 murder of this 22-year-old man. prosecutors say she did not pull the trigger but she helped set up the whole thing. a robbery that didn't go as planned, they say. and the new evidence just
4:23 pm
played in court. it's a phone call. she made to her mother shortly after her arrest. >> are you in jail? why are you in jail. >> murder of the first degree. >> who did you kill? >> i didn't kill nobody. >> how are they charging you with attempted murder? >> because i set everything up. it all went wrong. [bleep] just went down hill after everything happened. >> harris: yeah. prosecutors say that recording is why they decided to charge her. you see, under florida law, anyone connected to a robbery that leads to someone's death, even if they didn't cause the death, can be charged with first degree murder. if quicked, jennifer mee faces life in prison without parole. the head of the nationally known cleveland clinic is talking about the decision to cut costs and jobs because of the healthcare overhaul. we first told you about this last night. we are digging deeper now on day two. the owner says the clinic is not alone.
4:24 pm
but the white house says that's not the whole story of obama care. and veterans allegedly exposed to deadly diseases at government hospitals while top officials collected big bonuses. tonight, the feds are responding. run, go, go! did he just fumble? "i" formation! "i" formation! we have got to get the three-technique block! i'm not angry. i'm not yellin'. nobody's tackling anybody! we got absolutely...
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or high blood pressure before taking advair. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. [ male announcer ] advair diskus fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder. get your first prescription free and save on refills at ♪ unh ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ or you can choose to blend out. the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. >> harris: entire villages evacuated. ahead of what first alert
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forecasters call the strongest storm to hit the western pacific this year. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> philippines. people in the north say the rain is already there. setting off landslides. a tropical tracking group rates the incoming system a super typhoon. with wind gusts topping 120 miles per hour. as they brace for potential disaster, they are already seeing utility and communication services cut to the north coast united kingdom researchers unveiling a healthy living space at the london design festival. they say this all glass pod let's in just the right amount of sun sunlight and special lighting to simulate sunlight at night. part of the study on the biological impact on indoor lighting. south korea, people on a car diet, no vehicles for a month. they live in a crowded neighborhood some 20 miles south of the capital city seoul. the city is hosting what is
4:29 pm
billed as the ecomobility world festival. they are now on bikes and electric carts to promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. peru. lima and beyond. the pickup has been riding since 9 months old. own err started up a doggy skate school. go, doggy. and has that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> >> i'm harris faulkner in for shep. this is the fox report. the head of the cleveland clinic phone nor being a top medical complex around the world talking in detail now about deciding to cut costs by slashing jobs in the budget. more than 40,000 staffers in ohio. making the state second largest employer right behind wal-mart. last night we told you how
4:30 pm
the treatment center is cutting $300 million from its budget and eliminating thousands of jobs. the government's healthcare reform law a part of the reason. mike tobin with the news live outside that clinic. mike, what is driving the money trouble? >> well, harris, according to the ceo here. affordable care act doesn't do anything to reduce the cost of operating a hospital or treating patients. what you get though is a reduction in reimbursements from medicare, from medicaid. even from private insurance. so you are going to need to slash the budget. not just here but at hospitals all across the nation. >> this is going going on across the country. every ceo at a hospital that i have talked to is talking about doing exactly the same thing. >> dr. cosgrove says the system needed to be reformed but the reforms in this law will need to be amended. more than once before they start to become effective. in terms with dealing with the problem deep in the healthcare system. harris? >> harris: well, mike, this clinic makes a difference in so many people's lives.
4:31 pm
anyway to gauge how many staffers could lose their jobs? >> well, the cuts will be significant. but the administration here at this hospital wants to exhaust every option before they start handing out pink slips. they are going it streamline the operation. they are going to not fill vacant jobs. they are going to offer early retirement to some 3,000 employees. but until you know things like particularly how many employees will take that early retirement, you don't know how many layoffs you have to force. but it will be a significant number here at northeast ohio's largest employer. harris? >> harris: big news tonight coming out out of ohio. mike tobin thank you very much. the department of veterans affairs claims it has been working to reduce an enormous backlog of claims still a abandoning them at the time in need. several vets have died from a bacterial outbreak that staffers allegedly have been keeping secret for more than a year. just days later the regional director raked in a big bonus.
4:32 pm
jennifer griffin looking into this from the pentagon. >> the department of veterans affairs has been celebrating what it claims record backlog disability claims. down 25% since may, a two year low. the va was apparently celebrating long before any of its problems were fixed. paying out tens of thousands of dollars in executive bonuses to va managers including in pittsburgh where the roobleggal director of the va michael more land received a $63,000 bonus. even though five veterans died of legionnaires disease contracted at a v.a. hospital. the chairman of the house committee called hearings to investigate. >> i don't think the va understands that this is not the way to reward individuals for poor performance. you either reassign them or you fire them. >> more reason's 83-year-old father john served in the korean war and died in 2011 of legionnaires disease at the pittsburgh facility. she says the va lied about the cause and says the problem still hasn't been
4:33 pm
fixed. >> why wouldn't you fix -- you got away with it with my dad. how did you not fix it? while understanding now it was all about bonuses and a presidential award, there it is. it boils all down to money. >> at the st. louis va medical center where more than 1800 veterans may have been exposed to h.i.v. and hepatitis as a result of unsanitary dental equipment, the facility's director received nearly $25,000 in bonuses during her four-year tenure. back in pittsburgh at an emotionally charged congressional hearing about the legionnaires outbreak dr. robert petsel the va under secretary of health responsible for michael moreland's bonus asked if he had any regrets. >> if you knew then what you know now would you recommend him for this award. >> i would. >> in response to our inquiries he wrote quote the patient care issues the committee has raised are series but not says stem
4:34 pm
mick. lessons learned from pittsburgh are now being used to ensure water safety at all v.a. medical centers throughout the nation. harris? >> harris: jennifer, thank you. it seems syria has stayed true to its words handing over the initial listing anyway of its chemical weapons just in time for today's deadline. that's according to the group designed to enforce the chemical weapons treaty. important first step towards destroying syria's chemical weapons part of the deal russia brokered with the united states over threat of a military strike on syria. still, there is a lot syria must do before the u.s. warships stand down. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt with the news life in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, focus now turns to the united nations next week. >> yeah, very much so. world leaders and foreign ministers will gather here in new york from monday for the annual united nations general assembly. all the talk there will be on whether the international community, and in particular the u.n. security council can come together to decide on a
4:35 pm
resolution with regard to syria. to that end, secretary of state john kerry spoke to his russian counterpart, surer is sergei today avrov. emphasized that syria is the focus. listen. >> there are many important issues. but right now syria is at the top of that list. and we need to see some unity here to say that this is unacceptable and that we need to move forward to destroy the stockpile. >> but unity as ever the united nations likely to be very hard to come by. harris. >> harris: you know, jonathan, for so long we were reporting that syria denied having those chemical weapons and now we have got this declaration. what exactly is in the weapons declaration that syria has handed over? >> well, it's been described by the organization for the
4:36 pm
prohibition of chemical weapons, which is the u.n. organization that received that declaration as an initial declaration. the problem is, we know from those u.n. weapon inspectors that sarah palin gas was used in that attack. the aftermath of which you are looking at right now. but the world does not know for sure what syria has. it's believed that the syrians have about a thousand tons of sarin must card gas and vx gas. if you don't know for sure what the syrian regime has. how do you know for sure whether they have declared everything they have. that is just one of the problems with the process that is now underway. and why a lot of people feel the president assad of syria may simply be playing this whole process and playing it for time, harris. >> harris: you know, one of the issues pa popped up last week and i don't know how much more we have learned about this jonathan, who is going to go in when the time comes with the inspectors to go look at these chemical
4:37 pm
weapons and try to it take those arsenals apart. do we have any idea who would be doing that? would it be russian troops? would it be ours? nato coalition? >> it will be initially those u.n. weapons inspectors, the sort of team we saw going in the aftermath of that chemical weapons attack. and look at it. that is stage 2 of this process. and those u.n. weapons inspectors are supposed to go in and have completed their work in examining all the chemical weapons sites and all the chemical weapons that syria possesses by november. so this is a very tight timetable. and you are right, harris. there is the question of security. and nobody is talking sending american troops to protect those u.n. weapons inspectors. they are likely to be almost entirely dependent on the cooperation of the rebels on one side and syrian troops on the other. so, it is a very difficult, complex process and once
4:38 pm
again, the question is, they can be led to all of these chemical websites but how do we know ultimately that every one of those sites has been declared by the syrian government? so many questions. very few answers right now, harris. >> excellent questions, jonathan, of course. there is a civil war going on. and you drew it out for us beautifully there. we will have to depend on the cooperation between the sides that have been fighting to keep those weapons inspectors safe. interesting concept. jonathan, thank very much. one of syrians allies as you know is iran. there is now word president obama could sit down briefly with that country's new president during the united nations general assembly in new york next week that jonathan was just mentioning. the president hasan published an op. ed in the "the washington post" yesterday. in which he called for an easing of the diplomatic it's between his country and the west. now, remember, washington and tehran have been bitterly divided for years over iran's nuclear program. also at odds over the crisis in syria.
4:39 pm
but president obama and iran's new president have recently been, so we're are told, exchanging letters. the white house says it has not ruled out the possibility of the two leaders meeting face to face in new york. well, fresh violence now. a very old problem plaguing the streets of chicago. police say more than a dozen people were hurt. one of the victims just three years old. and, what exactly would bring these two groups together? and environmentalists in this country? working together, joining forces. that's next. ♪
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>> harris: it was a miracle nobody died that from the chicago police superintendent after 13 people were hurt during a shooting. it happened overnight in southwest chicago park. among the wounded in the
4:43 pm
hospital a 3-year-old little boy. his uncle told a newspaper dread locked men in a car shot at him hitting his nephew in the cheek. they turned that car around and opened fire again. the police superintendent says an assault style weapon with a high capacity magazine was used. and that investigators believe several people were involved. he said it appears to have been gang-related. well, officials in colorado say 80 people remain unaccounted for following a deadly floods in the foothills of the rowbs. at one point the number was as high as 1200 as you may remember. staggering. the latest reports indicate at least seven people died in the flooding. three others listed as missing and presumed dead tonight. meanwhile, workers are trying to clear away the debris, restore all the utilities and repair sewer systems in the area. president obama is pushing for the first ever limit on carbon pollution from power plants. it would only apply to future plants. republicans and at least
4:44 pm
one democrat say the plan would lead to job cuts and higher energy prices and hold the coal industry to impossible standards. g.o.p. leaders say they will try to repeal the regulations once they take effect. speaking of energy, here is something you don't see every day. environmentalists and tea party conservatives working together for the same cause. it's happening in georgia. the groups are joining forces to form what they call a green tea coalition. essentially using tea party values to advance the green energy movement. john roberts has the news live for us in atlanta. i tweeted about this and got lots of tweets back, john? >> it is pretty interesting. there is no question. the graphic of the monitor says it all. and you would be hard pressed to find a stranger set of bed fellows. in georgia. atlanta tea party patriots are banding together with environmentalists from the syria -- is see harrah club to promote green power. it is fighting what it calls the unfair monopoly
4:45 pm
that georgia law gives to utilities to provide electricity to its customers. the coalition is pushing a bill that would allow third parties to install parties, farms to sell collect to consumers. that is currently prohibited. debbie dually of the atlanta tea party says it's an issue of property rights and free markets. let all. energy force source they want to go with. >> and who they want to get it from. dually also adds it's a matter of energy security. roof or power or farm decentralizes the grid and actually helps protect against either terrorists or hacker attack. harris? >> harris: so what are the environmentalists across
4:46 pm
the country thinking about this marriage. >> the sierra club at least here in georgia is thrilled about it anything that will help advance their cause for alternative energy causes. the sierra club told me yeah they still have a lot that they disagree with the tea party on, but, when they get in the same room together behind closed doors, they leave all of that outside. >> you would think it would be a strange bed fellow scenario. i see no reason why conservation can't be conservative principle and likewise that open and fair markets that empower consumers and empower american workers can't be a principle of clean energy advocates like the sierra club. >> john: working together for common cause. as for the state's largest utility, georgia power it says that it is adding a tremendous amount of solar to its power portfolio. we have toil the majority of that was forced upon them by the public service commission. while it says it welcomes input from groups like the green tea coalition, it doesn't appear that georgia power wants to jeopardize its position as the sole
4:47 pm
provider of electricity in its designated regions, harris? >> harris: john roberts, thank you. the a world series windsor taking the mound for children's cancer. one major league pitcher's inspiring message after its own incredible come back. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...' ♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i nging? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering
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>> harris: soon decide in a concert promoter played a role in michael jackson's death. testimony wrapped up today in an often emotional negligence lawsuit against aeg live. that was the company putting jackson's final concert tour together. during the trial jackson's mother and ex-wife debbie rowe gave detailed descriptions of a darker side of michael jackson with drugs. the jackson family accuses
4:51 pm
the promoter of knowingly hire a doctor who would prescribe whatever drug he demanded. aeg denies the claims. jackson died from overdose of the knockout drug propofol as you know. the doctor who gave to him, conrad murray is in prison for his part. >> an all star baseball player is now helping ill children after making a remarkable medical come back of his own. before boston red sox pitcher john lester could take the mound in the 2007 world series, first, he had to win his own battle against a brutal opponent. cancer. lester he contracted non-hodgkin's film foam that. he was forced to leave from the game he loved. he beat the disease made his way back into the big leagues. he is traveling across america helping young patients stricken with the illness and spreading an important message. will carr live from los angeles now with more. will? >> hi, harris.
4:52 pm
think about this. it was less than two years after battling cancer that lester won that world series that you mentioned. he also pitched a no hitter which are both pretty amazing you but the current manager of the red sox says the most impressive part is what he has been doing off the field. >> somewhat of a story book ending to 2000. >> green monster is a beast. >> with the perceived infamiliar sis on adult related cancers, he thought it was time to another area. >> i fought and beat cancer and now it's time to fight for the kids. >> lester is doing that nights he is on the mound whether on the road or on on the mound meets with children fighting pediatric cancer. >> it was hard? >> yeah, it was hard. you know, it was -- i think
4:53 pm
it helps you later. you know? once it's over, nothing else holds you down. hearted for you? easy for you, right? you are strong. >> yes. >> yeah? good. >> on this night, the red sox saint wrote name on glove next to his son's hudson's name. he feels these visits are part of his obligation to give back. >> everybody is different there are some guys that want to be role models and other guys that just want to be a baseball player, you know. and/or a basketball player, whatever. they don't that responsibility. you know, i think in the position that we are, in i feel like you don't really have that choice. >> this season lester helped the red sox make the playoffs. also leads the team in wins. harris, more importantly, he has stopped and visited kids with cancer in 8 major league cities. he has become a real role model for every single one of those kids, harris.
4:54 pm
>> harris: and the rest of us. his words seem to resonate with so much wisdom they're applicable no matter what your situation, will. >> that's right. it's really amazing. >> harris: will carr, thank you very much. a judge in new jersey is putting way the gavel for the comedy stage. he has actually been doing both jobs. recently though had to it make a tough choice. >> i was given an ultimatum by the supreme court. i respect the decision. i understand the decision. and they said i had to choose. i really love doing both of these things. but, it's like kind of like if if you are dating two people and one of them gives you the ultimatum you tend to break up with the one that gives you ultimatum. >> harris: interesting but i don't think the supreme court is like an ex-girlfriend but whatever. several justices public would be able to celebrate stage or television persona. makes more money as a comic than he ever did as part time judge. member of screen actors guild. current title is
4:55 pm
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introducing the first minivan with an available built-in vacuum. starsomething special in the redesigned odyssey from honda. >> an army veteran has done it finished an incredible mission he began more than three decades ago. just hours ago. 6 a-year-old mike bowen ran the final stretch of a 58,282-mile journey. he finished at the vietnam veterans memorial in washington honoring the thousands who never returned home from the conflict. he ran one mile for each name on that wall. he says for many families, the mission continues. >> final chapter of my mission definitely not the final chapter for the families wondering where their son or their husband their father is could still be there living in the jungle in the cave, you never know god bless him. and on this third friday in
4:59 pm
september as we do every day on this day, we recognize national prisoners of war missing in action day. an othis day in 197 tennis star billie jean king defeated once men's player bobby rigs in the highly anticipated battle of the sexes match. rigs had openly boasted that women were inferior and that they could not handle the pressure of the game. hmmm. he was 55 years old at the time. and said that despite his age, he could still beat any female player on the tour. he first challenged king to a match a year earlier. she declined some of the rigs took on another woman, margaret court. he beat her easily. and once again challenged king to a similar matchup. this time she said sure. and in a winner take all, $100,000 convenient, she knocked off bobby rigs in
5:00 pm
three straight sets. and king ruled the co-ed court 40 years ago today. that is how fox reports on this friday september 120th, 2013. i'm in for shepard smith. the tore -- factor is next. >> tonight. >> never happened before. >> why don't we look at what republicans have second why won't you answer? >> as president obama fights to regain credibility. questions are being raised about america's decline in power we have a factor investigation about that. >> this legislation is preying. preying on people. on children, on veterans, on seniors. >> bill: republicans want to cut back on obama care and food stamp. is the g.o.p. harming the poor? lou dobbs. >> miley


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